Welcome to Crimson Creek, Texas

Crimson Creek, Texas, is a fictional town located between Denton and Decatur. The people are Southern in the truest sense of the word, hospitable and nosy and up in everyone's business.

This can annoy the heroines, who have to be strong and opinionated to survive this small town! The heroes are sometimes former military, sometimes cowboys, and sometimes both!

If you're looking for a contemporary steamy romance, you're going to fall in love with this series, the characters, and the town!

All main characters deal with grief and trauma in some form or fashion. In total, expect 10-14 stories to be set in this town.

The Cowboy and the Waitress

Crimson Creek Prequel

A one-night stand turned roommates, can the cowboy win the waitress' heart? 

John was just a cowboy, raising his teenage son and roping his dad into building the best bucking broncs in on the rodeo circuit. He just needed to deliver a box of his step-grandmother's things before going to the next rodeo.

Dot was still exhausted from the long-term care of her father. But now that the one year anniversary of his death has arrived, she's still unable to paint. She just can't bring herself to do it. Waitressing for the past decade at the Diner has barely made ends meet. She needs a roommate, and even better if it's someone who can bring the old run-down ranch back to life.

When a one-night stand turns into a roommate, can Dot open her heart and find passion worth painting?

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The Soldier Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 1

Single mom Cindy doesn't have time for a relationship. Between soccer practice, school events, and work, she's holding on by a thread. All she wants is to spend more time with her kids before they grow up.

Andy didn't expect a forced medical retirement from the Army to send him back to his little Texas hometown. When he lands back in the hospital, he finds one hot mama making the rounds.

Cindy doesn't need the added work of a relationship, and Andy comes with his own set of family problems. Can they work through the obstacles together or will it tear them apart?

The Sheriff Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 2

After a relationship gone bad, Maryanne runs back to Texas to find the fun girl she used to be. But one wild night with childhood friend Gunner quickly turns into more than just fun.

Strait-laced Gunner has worked hard to become sheriff of his hometown. To protect and serve goes beyond just a job when it comes to Maryanne though. He's kept her at arms length for years, but now this damsel's kiss keeps drawing him back.

When a one-night stand leads to more--including a baby--will these friends turned lovers let their opposing natures and the chaos of their hometown and her ex drive a permanent wedge between them and their growing family?

The Songwriter Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 3

Widowed and living with her brother is not how Holly expected her life to turn out. When all her friends get pregnant, something snaps. She'll take back control of her life by having a baby all on her own via sperm donor.

Friend and local handyman Landry hears of the plan and offers a different, more natural solution. What he doesn't tell her is that the idea of her having any other man's baby makes him sick.

But then Landry gets his big break in the music industry and leaves town. Will the threat of losing him forever make her realize she can't live without him? Can Holly bring up the baby on her own now she's had a taste of life with Landry? Will Landry give up his dream for his child and the woman he loves

The Surgeon Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 4

Opinionated. Angry. Stubborn. She's a redheaded bombshell that turned his world upside down years ago. The thorn in his side that is Lola crawled under his skin to torment him at every chance meeting around town.

Before dear old Mom died, she told the Virginia family Lola was dating a doctor. And now Lola's stuck on a road trip to hell with Kendall, retired military, local doctor heart throb, her nemesis and best friend's brother.

Yes, he agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend for the family reunion. Yes, he's handsome as sin, sends shivers up her spine, and makes her think of the mistakes she's made with him before. But those mistakes were just what the doctor ordered, and she's not going to turn down the chance to rock the sheets with him again.

A cousin's wedding, an absentee father who shows up out of nowhere, an accidental engagement, and a traumatic hiking accident make her think the universe might want them to be more than just frenemies with benefits. But she refuses to risk her heart and soul for a guy who might just leave her like Dad did. It's not worth it...right?

The Mechanic Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 5

After getting harassed, fired, evicted, and left at the altar, chef and photographer, Wendy, needs a clean break from the pain of Colorado. There are too many memories of her mom, and a new start is just what she needs. But when she rolls into Crimson Creek, Texas, to visit her friend her car breaks down, making Wendy want to throw in the apron in defeat.

Home for a two-week, mid-deployment break, Jake jumps right back into his old life. With a hovering mom, a crazy ex who claims he’s a dad, and an auto-mechanic shop to run, saving a drenched girl on a rainy highway is just part of his need to regain normalcy.

Something hot is cooking between the new chef in town and this soldier. Between the drama with his ex, his mom, her new job managing the Bed and Breakfast, and the emotions of a deployment, there’s a lot of ingredients threatening their budding relationship. Only time will tell if they can cook up something delicious that lasts.

The Ranger Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 6

Lucy's college graduation trip to Hawaii comes with an unexpected roommate. A one-night-stand with a man twice her age quickly turns into more, but she's just starting a new life post-graduation. She doesn't need a relationship, no matter how much her heart says otherwise.

Mason knew their one-night-stand was a bad idea and so is this vacation fling. He shouldn't be chasing after his new step-cousin, but Lucy needs protection. She's too innocent to be out on her own.

When Lucy accidentially jeopardizes his career, Mason has to decide between love and his future. A new job and the end of their vacation should put their fling behind them, but maybe a miracle could bring them back together.

The Cowboy Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 7

Taylor thought moving to a small town to be near her best friend would help her grow up. She was the wild one in college, always getting into trouble. Now she's a demure librarian, determined to show the world what a responsible adult she is.

Hunter never dates local women, not after the drama with his ex years ago. He'd rather just work his parents' ranch, keep his head down and avoid the chaos of his large family. But there's something about this woman a decade his junior that keeps pulling him in.

Taylor reminds him of the wildest horse. She just needs his strong hands to tame her wild heart. But when the stress starts to pile on, it might be the rancher who needs tamed.

The Convict Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 8

Chase had looked forward to his freedom for fifteen long years. But to find out he had a genius daughter? He's not sure he can handle being a father while trying to find his place on the ranch and in his small hometown. 

Especially when the mother of his child is his brother's ex-girlfriend who just so happens to move back home too... He can't avoid her, but does he really want to? 

Jewel thought moving home would make life easier. She'd have her family to rely on instead of making it as a single mom on her own. But confronting her past is just one big problem after another. Maybe she should move back to Houston. After all, that's where her daughter needs to be.

The Coach Gets His Girl

Crimson Creek Book 9

At long last, the baby of the Williams boys gets his own love story. But Parker isn't ready to settle down. He's the fun-loving free spirit of the family. No woman will tie him down.

Until her.

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Crimson Creek Book 10

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Crimson Creek Holiday Special

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