Eirwyn is the darling drakin princess who just wants to escape the political upheaval the war has brought. But then her brother, the king and the most powerful drakin mage in the land, tries to have her killed.

Raised by druids with powers and abilities even they cannot explain, Knox the lumberjack is the unofficial protector of the Feral Forest. He's distracted from his work robbing the king to feed the poor when a beautiful princess begs for his help.

He tries to resist her pleas for help to defeat her brother; however, if he helps, he might finally solve the question of who he is and where he came from. When fated mates and loyalties clash, he must choose whether to save the forest, defeat her brother, or rescue the damsel!

Scarlet was the best Hunter in the mercenary guild until the king cursed her as he died. With the help of her druid grandmother, she'll break her curses and seek her revenge on the evil queen. Except it's not her grandma laying in bed in the cottage… No, it's one of the forbidden Growlers, one of the creatures she was primarily hired to kill.

Warren remembers nothing before becoming a Growler ten years ago. In that time, he's worked his way up to alpha and led his tribe well. Until a few dissenters attack him on patrol. Wounded and near death, he plunges into the river. Only the druid can save him now.

With a Hunter out for revenge and a Growler determined to take back his alpha position, these two have no interest in fated mates or helping each other. It might be what's needed to get what they want.

Follow Eirwyn, Scarlet, and Bella's exciting story to it's conclusion in Oath of Redemption, coming soon!

Oshella swore to restore her father's kingdom and put a stop to the Sea Witch. The first step is toppling Vesper's trading empire. Piracy is a sweet revenge for this little mermaid, but she will see justice served if it's the last thing she does.

Ripp has long been Vesper's vampire assassin. Trapped to the Sea Witch, he sees no way out... until she offers his freedom. All he has to do is capture the little pirate mermaid.

Kraken's Justice

Coming soon!

King Aegir spent years trapped as a Kraken. Now the curse is broken, and he's re-established his kingdom. But it's trickier to set up trade agreements with other nations than it was when he was younger. And now the goddess is sending him to fetch a girl from the neighboring land kingdom.=

Jinni's Justice

Coming soon!

Jinni kills some baddies and bangs some goodies (and baddies, she's a bad goil!). For real though, it'll be a good story, the boss hasn't given me the full write up so you'll just have to read this until I get the real blurb!